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Molly's Missing Moo by Roxy Humphrey

Have you ever lost something?
Molly has, and she doesn't know what to do.
All of her farm friends try to help her.
Will she find her moo?

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20,feb 2022

A Week with Waffles by Tom Speicher

Spend a week with a new furry friend: Waffles the guinea pig! Perfect for preschoolers, “A Week with Waffles” invites you into the world of the loving pet who lives with her buddy, Tom.

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Cooley Farm Adventures by Chantell Cooley

Do you love cats and dogs and turkeys and ducks and geese and, well, all farm animals? So does the Cooley family.
The Cooley family invites you to visit their farm, where every day is an adventure.

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30, sept 2020

by Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos

In this next adventure of the Young Word Travelers educational book series, Mrs. Eva's Magical Crystal Globe takes us to Ancient Egypt. Help "Queen Katerina" celebrate her birthday with the young world travelers as they set sail down the Nile River.

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30, apr 2021

Meet Mason by Megan E. Rogers

Meet Mason is a short sweet story that explains who he is, what it is like to be blind and what makes him so uniquely special! It's purpose is to teach children about other children who are blind or may have a special need.

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15,jan 2021

What are you going to do with that Booger? by Roxy Humphrey

This story is about an educator saying to a child, "So what are you going to do with that booger?" It is a humorous journey in which the student learns what not to do with a booger, that is until the very end of the story. This book is helpful for families, educators, preschool or nursery school children, and anyone who knows of someone who picks their nose.

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july, 2020

Umbi the Uncertain by Jo-Ann Middleman

Umbi the dinosaur is fearful and shy about hatching. Thirsty and hungry, he peeks out of a crack and sees his brothers playing and eating berries. Can he overcome his fears and dare to hatch completely?

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Cricket on the Stairs by Marianne Stanley

Cricket on the Stairs is about Cookie, a little cricket who goes on a great adventure inside a downtown building only to discover that she cannot find her way out and back to her home and family in the park where she lives.
This is ultimately a story about how important it is to never, ever give up since we never know just how close we really are to what we are seeking in our lives.

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18, jan 2018

Henry´s Discovery by Kimberly K. Schmidt

This peek into the lives at Grayson Farm follows a goat named Henry who seems desperate to know what he is — only to discover that it's who he is that counts. After a long search, Henry finally comes to realize what he truly is. And that it is the best thing of all to be.

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28 oct, 2019

Annelise and her hearing aid
by Lani Guadiz Hsieh

Annelise was born with hearing loss
and has always worn a hearing aid in her left ear.
Now that summer break is over and school is about to start, she is worried about all of the questions she will get about her hearing aid.
What if people notice she is different?
What if no one wants to be her friend because of it?

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6, nov 2020

The Unicorn Princess by Alyssa Achermel

Luna the Unicorn: A Magical Dream Journey takes children on the exciting adventure of Luna, a lost unicorn on a search to find the moon. On the way, Luna encounters a cast of magical and insightful characters, along with some wild dreams that appear to come to life! Ignite your children's imagination with this bedtime story that teaches them that all of their wildest dreams are within their reach.

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24,jun 2021

Miss Juju and her tutu
Host a Ballerina Birthday by Julia C. Pearson

Miss Juju is hosting a ballerina birthday party and YOU are invited! But don’t be late! The party is starting soon and will be filled with dancing, cake, and lots of pink tutus! Dance the day away as you celebrate the appreciation of friendship and learn “must-know” ballet terms with French definitions!Oui Oui!